Saturday, July 25, 2015

Little Passports... help explore the world

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It is amazing to me how big and small our world can be at the same time. When I was 18, I was told that I had a Gypsy Soul; and that just embodied me perfectly. I love to explore and try new things. I have been blessed enough to travel to many different places in our country and abroad. I have even made it my goal that by the time my children graduate high school they will have traveled to every state in our country and at least two other countries (I know, huge goals, but oh so worth it). 

With that being said, I have to save money for all of this traveling, in the mean time I still want the kiddos to learn and explore. A few years ago, I came across Little Passports and fell in love! Actually I should say LOVE! Instead of stressing about how I was going to get the kiddos out into the world, I could have the world sent to them! 

Little Passports is a subscription where you can choose your own adventure, there is the USA Edition that sends you a starter discover kit for the first month. Included in this kit, is a wall map of the USA, a guide book, a welcome letter from Sam and Sophia (they are your new pen pals), a disposable camera and a photo scavenger project. The recommended age for this discovery kit is 7-12. Now, after your discovery kit comes, each month you will travel to two states: with online activities, postcards and state books. I haven't done this subscription yet, but I just love the idea. It's like taking a road trip without having to worry about gas!

The next subscription box is the original one and this one is the one we fell in love with. This is the world Explorer subscription, again your subscription starts with a discovery box: a suitcase (works perfectly to keep everything all together), a world map, letter from same and Sophia, stickers and activities, stamps for your passport and stickers for your suitcase. Each month after that you travel to a different country, again with a picture, activity, stickers and stamps!  We loved looking at all of the different items each month and then trying to find the country on the map! 

I love how our suitcase looks like we have traveled all over!

The final subscription is the Early Explorers (ages 3-5). This subscription follows the same set up: the first month you get a discovery box: in this box is a map, suitcase, a book, luggage tags. Each month following you will receive a world theme activity book, souvenirs, flashlight adventures and stickers. I cannot think of a better way to introduce these to a child. 

I have to tell you that I adore this program, I love anything that involves learning and activities. Each month, my children would run to the mailbox asking where they would be going this time. When we got into the house, the package was opened faster than I could even get the front door closed. 

Our world map that has hung on the children's wall for years now!
During one of our trips, we went to Japan and here we learned origami, it was so much fun to see the kiddos try and fold their papers to make paper cranes. To this day they still talk about whose crane came out the way it was supposed to and who needed more help. I love how their memories are incorporated right in with their little blue suitcase. 

When we moved and our belongings were packed up, I thought the kiddos were going to  cry as they couldn't explore for a little while. Our boxes remained packed for over a year, (let's not even talk about why) but when they opened that suitcase up again, they discovered their journeys all over again. It was like Christmas morning, but more importantly they were able to share these experiences with Bean!

We have stopped by toys in our house (we have plenty) and started buying experiences. If you are looking for an experience to share with your children and not have to stress about money, then Little Passports is the way to go!

We were pinning before pinning was cool!

Love all the details in Little Passports- look at the stamps on each luggage tag- even the back has the online information for follow up activities
Activity pages with directions for online activities as well

Our Passport!

Love the real photographs we receive each month- they really help with the experience

Letters from Sam and Sophia all about their adventures!

I cannot wait to explore more places, as we discover this world one country and state a month!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


If you have ever been to Hawai'i, you know the feeling of Aloha. Aloha is more than just hello or goodbye, or even love. Yes, it is a feeling, a description but a way of life as well. Visiting Hawai'i is one thing and living there is another, Aloha takes on an entirely new meaning. Then there is Ohana, which is family, again, different meaning once you live there. They are two words that are so ingrained in my heart and soul that I cannot imagine life without them. 

There is a quote in the movie Lilo and Stitch that really its home, I'm sure if you've seen the movie, you've heard it! "Ohana, means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." This is exactly how I feel about some of my friends that have no become my family but also my brother. 

For whatever reason, I have been missing him more than normal. I know what you are thinking, what is normal for missing someone, so how about my normal. I think of him everyday multiple times a day but lately, I sit and miss him. My heart aches, I find myself sitting and wondering what life would be like if he were still here. 

Maybe it is because my sister is having a baby and we are adding another life to the family, maybe it's because I am seeing his daughter grow up and he isn't. It's hard to say why the heartache is more intensified lately. All I know is that my heart aches for his voice, the same videos aren't cutting it anymore, I miss his funny take on life. 

My brother had this smile that could make anything feel better. I remember when Peanut went to kindergarten for the first day, I was sad. My baby was no longer a baby. My brother made it all better, he just said look at it like this "Now, you get time to yourself, isn't that what you are always complaining about?" He was so matter of fact that you couldn't argue with him. 

I pray to have the pain taken away, and it is still there which leads me to believe that God is leaving it there for a reason. I just have to have faith that there is a reason my pain is there. After all only he knows the plans he has for me. In the meantime, I am going to use this time to really sit and ponder on what I am supposed to grow and learn from this heartache.

One thing I have learned already or maybe just remembered is to thank him for what I do have. I have 28 years of wonderful memories of my brother, 28 years of playing with him, arguing with him and 28 years of loving him. I remind myself daily that as much as I want more, I could have always had less. Somehow that thought puts everything in perspective, what if I had one year less with him, I wouldn't have had numerous conversations, or text messages or the laughs. Those million laughs I had in one year would be gone. 

I'm standing and realizing how blessed I am to have had those 28 years. Those wonderful and challenging 28 years. We love and miss you Buddy, All the Numbers all the Time

Thursday, July 16, 2015

24 Tips to Rock your Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

I love Advocare

Yes, I am standing up shouting! When you pray and the Lord answers your prayers it is the most rewarding and fantastic feeling. As my children say the blessings just keep pouring down! I was overweight, tired, stressed and broke. Definitely not the lifestyle I was thinking I would have in my life!

What is Advocare?

Advocare is a world class nutritional supplement company, many people think it is just the weight loss but there is so much more! We are talking a full lifestyle.  Advocare was formed in 1993, many people wonder where the name came from and Charlie Ragus wanted the company to reflect two things an advocate who cared. I am blessed to be a distributor for Advocare.

What is the 24 day challenge? –

The 24 day challenge in a nutshell is a jump start! Someone once told me that the challenge is like an oil change for your body and I cannot imagine a better way to describe it. The challenge is often seen as a weight loss tool and it is; but think of it as more. You are helping your body work to its full potential.
Here are some amazing results from members of my team!

Before and Afters! 

24 Tips to make your Challenge the best it can be!

1-      Make the commitment- this isn’t a get skinny quick scenario, the Challenge helps you learn a new lifestyle of eating and health. I literally wrote myself a contract, I like paper and writing it down helps me!

2-      Read over the 24 day challenge guide and products carefully- The guide will talk you through step by step, know what the products do and why you are using them. Knowledge is power and understanding why you are doing what you are doing is key!

3-      Ask Questions- This goes for the challenge and beyond, as an Advocare Distributor, we want to help you. We are your cheerleader, your support, your coach. I cannot speak for everyone, but I enjoy sharing your success with you. I want to hear how great you feel! The biggest question I get is what happens on day 25? I’m here to help you navigate.  I’ve been there!

4-      Meal Plan- Success begins with planning, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I know you have probably heard that before but I tell you, when you are hungry or in a rush it is easy to slip! I love to use a blank calendar. I also divide my fridge into sections, so it is easily organized and I am more successful when I get my food! I like similar foods for breakfast and lunch, it helps make my life easier and I try to change it up for dinner.

5-      Buy extra Spark- I don’t care what anyone tells you, Spark is Amazing and you can never have enough on hand! A spark in the morning is recommended and if you want you can have one at lunch. Better to be safe than sorry. The packets are so convenient but the canisters will give you a better value in the long run!  Do what I do, buy both! Experiment with flavor combinations!

6-      Drink Water- Water water water, it flushes out your system and keeps you hydrated. Take your body weight, divide it by half and that is how many ounces of water you need to drink a day. Want to hear the best park, Spark counts! If you aren’t a big fan of water, add some lemon or fruit berries, they give you the flavor and the water will go right down!

7-      Don’t skip meals or snacks- The challenge is designed to be completed in a  certain way for a reason, skipping hurts you. Will skipping one meal or snack, hurt you probably not, but it does give you that mental permission to do it again, which leads me to my next tip….

8-      Don’t cheat.. again once you do it, you have given yourself the mental permission to do it and this will undermine every  thing that you are striving for. If you think you are going to cheat, throw it out, donate it and drive straight home!

9-      Take Pictures and measurements- before and after. I didn’t necessarily do this, I hate taking my picture and didn’t have faith in myself to do the before and after pictures, I do have some random pictures and you can see the change in them.  These will serve as your motivation. I took a picture of myself with my children (I literally cried when I saw what I looked like) and hung it on my mirror in my bathroom, so I could visually see why I wanted the change.

Before- unhealthy and lacking energy

After: 22lbs down and 19 total inches- on my way home from Advocare Success School

10-   Log your food- This was the biggest challenge for me! I am a snacker, oh a couple of bites here and there, well they add up. This doesn’t have to be a big deal, write it in your calendar, make a note in the note section of your phone, I like to take pictures and then make a collage of them. One per day, the colors of a healthy lifestyle are amazing!

11-   Download the app- Next to my Bible app, this is the most used app on my phone. I like to have everything at my fingertips.  I can keep track of my water, my snacks. I also set a reminder on my phone, as a teacher, I often skip meals because there are things to be done. I set alarms on my phone to remind myself to eat, drink, and log my progress! You will thank me for this!

12-   Do the challenge with someone else- there is nothing like having someone there to help you and go through the journey with you. Think of them as your challenge best friend, when you fall down, they help you up. Don't have anyone to do the challenge with, don't worry there are always challenge groups going on, ask your Advocare distributor or email me!

13-   Exercise- don’t let this become a chore for you,  I use it to empower and challenge myself. Go for a walk, enjoy the sights, find something that makes you happy and go for! Advocare makes amazing workout videos that complement the challenge. CU 24, not only can you complete a workout in 24 minutes but it is leveled so you can work out at your ability level. The best part of the video, all of the people in the video are Advocare independent distributors.  Take a dance class, try kick boxing, or kickboxing or better yet try all three!

14-   Celebrate- The Challenge is work, but so worth it. Think about all of the things that you have been successful with in your life, did they come easy? I guarantee not! Take the mini victories you are achieving each day. I wrote myself a note each day on the mirror in my bathroom, it was a pick me up but also a motivational tool to keep going! Advocare build champions, you are one!

15-   Incorporate all fresh ingredients- Skip the processed stuff, it isn’t helping at all. Brown rice and bread in moderation (I don’t even eat them during the cleanse stage, wait until day 11!) Think color, fresh food is beautiful and so fun to eat!

16-   Speaking of Day 11, only step on the scale on Days 11 and 25. Numbers are a tricky concept. Let the way your body feels and your clothes are fitting doing the talking. Day 11- is when the first cleanse phase is finished and then day 25 when you are finished. This goes for the measuring as well. There is something to be said for feeling! Trust yourself.

My Day 11 scale weigh in!

17-   Sleep- Get your sleep, I am a firm believer that you know how much rest your body needs each night. Sleep helps your body to recuperate from the day.

18-   Use Catalyst- there are reasons why it is called “lipo in a bottle” it kicks butt! This will help you burn fat, build muscle and tone.

19-   Use Thermoplus- This helps you to convert fat to energy, supports your metabolism and helps to reduce hunger.

20-   Plan when you are going start- You can have successful whenever you do a challenge but it makes it a lot harder to start a challenge right before major holidays. Don't forget Challenges make wonderful holiday presents. 

21-   Invest in yourself- Do not let the price of the challenge deter you,  you are worth the investment. After all where are you going to live?

22-   Incorporate and bond with your family- I have three kiddos and we went on this journey together. They loved all of the healthy snacks, we learned and cooked together. We made the food fun, who doesn’t love a fruit butterfly?

23-    Become a distributor- you love your progress and your body right! Why not love the products at a discount?  Share your success with your friends and family.

24-   Last step, enjoy the journey that you have completed and where you are going. Have a spa day, buy a new outfit! These little tricks will help keep you motivated.

I hope you find these hints as helpful as they were for me. As always please feel free to email me with any questions and let’s go on this journey together.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Simple Blessings: Daily Blessing Calendar

I am by no means perfect but I try to be the perfect version of myself, a better person than I was the day before. It isn’t always easy and sometimes, well sometimes it is just down right hard to be positive. Those are the moments that praying really helps me to get to up and keep going. 

Over the last few months, I have tried to take learning experience after learning experience to make what I like to call a genuine life. Remembering those moments that sometimes you forget and being grateful for the many blessings in my life.

I wrote about my birthday notebook tradition that I do for the children, each year for their birthdays I write them a letter and tell them all the great memories that we shared or milestones that came their way. You can read the original post. In addition to this notebook, I have the hand print tablecloth where each year on their birthday, we paint their hand and put a print on the tablecloth. I love opening it each year to see how much they grow and they love it as well.

It seemed that I wasn’t remembering enough of the little moments and only focusing on the big stuff. I prayed and tried to come up with a way to be more appreciative of my blessings. I was reading in a magazine about different traditions that people do and I wanted something simple and not time consuming, I do a lot to make nice treasures for our family. Then it hit me that I had pinned something a long time ago, here is the inspiration post.

Daily Blessing Calendar! Loving the simplicity of the idea, I bought a bunch of 5 x 7 index cards and began writing the date across each top line…. January 1 and so on and so forth, until I had done half of the year. I didn’t have a container that I wanted to use yet, so I figured it would be better to just start and see what happens.

I actually had it become one of our countdown bags and you can read about those (Countdown bags). It was a wonderful new tradition. Each night as we are saying our prayers, we think about the day and figure out one blessing to remember and write it down. Peanut’s first baseball game, Bean’s first haircut, sometimes it’s not a first but something to celebrate… donated 250 oz of breast milk today. They are simple one line reminders of a blessing each day!

individual card: one line blessing 
simple and filled with such wonderful memories

I love the way the blessings cards are coming along and I am excited to see what will happen in a few years. There are so many things that have already happened that we might have forgotten. We are a little over a year and a half of writing them and each day, I am surprised at how many little things we have already forgotten!

I have even thought about having the children do their own blessing cards so that they can have them when they grow up and share them with their families. 

To assemble the blessing box as we have affectionately started calling it, I started with the bigger index cards, I wanted lots of room to write! After a year and a half, I still couldn't find a container I liked and then I finally landed on this old CD case holder at a thrift store for $1.00! I loved it and how clean it looked! 

Blessing cards in the CD case, clean and yet so accessible!

Using purple a fun and bright piece of paper, I created dividers for each month, this way you can easily see the cards and which month they belong to. 

Love the way it looks when I open the box to write

view from the top

I wanted the feel of a treasured family item, I added a photo to the front of each month divider. I love the added touch it gives. Finally I laminated the month dividers. 

I adore this picture of Bean, this is just so him!

some other months, such happy memories
I have to admit there are days when it become tedious trying to remember to do the writing but the daily blessing calendar, has really changed the dynamic of positiveness (is that even a word?)  in my household. I often hear "Mama, what did we do last year on this day?" "Oh, I remember that!" Simple, effective and helping us to remember the daily blessings that the Lord blesses us with. Doesn't get better than that. 

Happy Blessings to you,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Car Organization Part Two

A while ago I shared with you how I organize the backseat of my car today many share how I organize what we lovingly call the "way back". The first thing I did was go to Target and get a over the door shoe rack; a heavy duty canvas one as I wanted it to last. To get a nice fit  I took my car and "measured" it against the backseat of my car to see where the pockets would fall.

I cut it a little bit longer than the seat so that I could tuck it in between the seat and the piece of car that holds my spare tire in place then I stitched the bottom to make sure it hadn't'. Once I stitched (just your basic running stitch) the bottom to make sure that the material didn't unravel.  I hung up the shoe holder just using a piece of rope, I got yellow, just because I  wanted it  to be pretty and tight around the head rest on the backseat of my car this way I knew exactly where it was if there any problems. Moving to the next head rest, I again tied the shoe holder with the ribbon. This shoe rack is actually the bottom half of the shoe holder. I had to punch holes in the material, to do this I used a single paper punch and reinforced it with a grommet. It took me maybe all of ten minutes to add this step but I know that it is worth it. 

the view when everything is in the car (minus the clothes bag) I pull the cover so no one can see anything!

To make the shoe holder more secure, I added some pieces of Velcro to the sides and the bottom, this helped to make sure everything was tight and neatly attached. 

Everyone's needs are different so you might not need everything that I put in mine. We spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from school, after school activities and just out on our many little adventures. I sat down and made a list of all of the things that I have had to stop and buy because I forgot something or one of the kiddos did. 

After I made the list, I started to gather things around the house that I had to make it more cost effective. I started by making a list of the things that I use and or might need while out and about. When I originally organized my pockets, I just shoved everything everywhere and it became what I like to refer to as organized chaos. It looked nice and organized but it didn't make sense as to how it was. 

There are two sets of pockets with two rows of four. I decided to organize them in sets of two: the first one is the office/eating center and the second one is the health/wellness. 

Side one: 
Office and Food side! 

Going across the first set of pockets: Pocket one: they start with my roll of reusable "papertowels". I love these, not only are they eco friendly but they really help the budget. They are a set of 12 towels that snap together with plastic snaps and attach to an old paper towel roll. Super easy, just use them and then wash. I use them in the house as well! They save me a ton of money. I got them off of Etsy, in a shop called MamaMade

paper towels made for me by MamaMade 
Pocket: Two: Extra sunglasses, we are always out and about. It is very sunny, each one of us has an extra pair of sunglasses and a glasses repair kit (mini bottle of cleaner, lens cloth, and a screwdriver).  

Pocket three: This is my mini office: in here is a pencil case (filled with pencils, pen, sharpies markers), scissors, tape, post it notes and a mini notepad of paper. I cannot tell you how handy this pocket it, especially for my Advocare business (more on that later). 

office to go!

Pocket Four: since we are often on the go, eating snacks and having picnics. It was essential for us to have a utensil pocket. In this pocket are utensils, straws and tooth picks. I used an old tic tac case to hold the tooth picks. 

I have collection of tictac cases and everyone laughs at me!

Going back to the left side of the car and starting over with the pockets is pocket five: bubbles. My kiddos love bubbles and we play with them constantly. The only thing was I didn't want them to have access to them in their pockets (you can read all about those). These bottles stay here and I refill them using our homemade bubble recipe

Pocket six is our extra bottle of water. We have more bottles in the kids pockets and one in the glove box, plus the ones I carry for my Advocare business, but this is just one in case! 

Pocket seven: Continuing to the left, is the drink mix pocket, in this pocket, is Advocare Spark, , a bottle of Advocare slam and Advocare rehydrate, all for personal use, my business section is coming up later.  


The last pocket in the food/office side is actually food:(Pocket 8)  You can never have enough snacks for kiddos. In this pocket, is a sleeve of crackers, portable applesauce, fruit leathers, a can of tuna, Advocare meal replacement shakes and Advocare meal bars. It is a packed full pocket, that I stock at least once a week. This pocket alone has saved me time and time again when I forget my lunch at home. 

Each pocket is there to make life easier, and moving onto side two of the health side. 

Health side!

Pocket Nine if you count from the other side: the lotion pocket, in this pocket is hand lotion and salve. You can never have enough of to make your hands soft.

Pocket Ten: is the boogie wipes and individual handi wipes. The boogie wipes are fabulous for in the car, well anywhere really, they have a bit of moisture to help clean the nose and not rub it raw. The handi wipes are great for cleaning the tweezers, nail clippers for first aid. 

Pocket 11: Bags! This pocket is filled with plastic shopping bags, The next pocket is the pocket of plastic bags, I use these for clothes and trash. Although, I have been thinking about taking them out completely as they are horrible for the environment. I do recycle the bags as much as possible. The pocket is also filled with ziploc bags, zip ties and twistie ties. I use the bags for tons of different things, they are mainly there to help the kiddos when they are collecting different things. Sometimes I use the ziploc bags for my Advocare samples as well. 

The next pocket is the hair pocket. Pocket 12:  I am always looking for a pony tails and Pumpkin is a bear in the morning and there are many times that I am doing her hair when we get to school. For this pocket, I took one of our extra hair brushes, a crystal light container and filled it with pony tail holders, and used a tic tac case for bobby pins.  The pocket is organized and I didn't have to buy a thing! 

Love the free containers- another tic tac case to hold bobby pins and a crystl light container to hold ponytails

Same side: bottom row pocket 13: First aid pocket- In this pocket is children's tylenol, adult tylenol, bug spray (in the blue bottle), contact solution and the first aid kit filled with bandaids, wipes, tweezers, nail clippers. I have a more in depth first aid kit under my seat. Also in this pocket is my portable mask and a couple of my CPR card. (I carry these in my purse as well). 

first aid pocket

portable mask for CPR

Pocket 14: More health pockets: in this pocket, is a toothbrush for all of us, toothpaste, Dr. Bronner's soap in the travel size, q-tips, hand sanitzer and chapstick. You never know when you might need any of that!

extras come in handy all the time when traveling!

Pocket 15: extra clothes pocket. The first being the extra sock and slippah (as they say in Hawai'i) pocket, my kiddos still remember living in Hawai'i and not wearing shoes. This I think is forever ingrained in them, thus creating the problem that I have to have extras on hand. This is probably my most used pocket, I restock it every other week. 

Finally Pocket: 16:  pocket of wipes, young children, you can figure it out. At home, we don't use disposable wipes, we use cloth. I have been thinking about changing this pocket out as well.

That's not it, I promise! With all of the pockets, I could have added one more row, but chose to have a space there. At first I had no clue what I was going to put there and then it hit, the portable DVD players. I don't allow the children to watch the movies all the time, but if I didn't put them somewhere where I could see them I wouldn't remember them when it came time to actually use them. The DVD's are dual screen and have carrying cases for the cords. We also put in a couple of DVD to keep on hand. In the far right corner of the car, is a metal hook on the floor, the DVD player is attached to the hook with a carabiner.  This makes it stay put and almost out of sight. 

DVD player in place

hook that I use to keep it from moving
Off to the right front side is a black fabric bin, I got it at Target when I bought the shoe holder. This is perfect for all of my car related stuff! I was hesitant at first because I thought the bin would slide everywhere but the combination of the fabric of my car and the bin, work together like a generic form of Velcro. In this bin, you will find, a flashlight that also has eight different tools, oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, a funnel, rag, jumper cables, cleaning wipes, armor all wipes, duct tape, and a magic eraser. 

side view of bin

top view (basket from Target's $ section)
flashlight and 8 screwdrivers in one tool

On the left side of the car is a little compartment, remember I referred to all of my Advocare personal items, well this is where I keep my business items. I keep a box of spark, Impact magazines, two envelopes (for mailing samples), business cards in a baseball card case, 24 day challenge bracelets and Be a Champion bracelets. I love this little section, really helps my business!

Spark for samples, bracelets, Impact Magazine and business cards

The Advocare pocket of my car

In front of my Advocare business section is where I keep all of my reusable shopping bags (all of the stores I frequently shop offer discounts if you have your bags). To make it easier on myself and the cashier, I stuff all of the bags into one and using another carabiner attach them to another one of those metal hooks. 

The tan bag hold all of my other bags

Finally is the extra clothes bag, this bag sits right next to the car bag and this is changed out seasonally. Presently, since it is summer, the bag has extra slippahs for all of us. Just have to love Old Navy dollar sales. There is an extra swimsuit for each one of us and a complete change of clothes, (shorts, underwear (bra), t-shirts and a long sleeve shirt for cooler evenings). all sorted in mess laundry bags. In the Winter, this changes to pants and a sweatshirt, hats, gloves and a scarf for each of us. In this bag, I also keep a sun hat for everyone, sunscreen (this way it comes with us!).  I love the bag system as it is easy and I can just pull the bag and go, this also helps me carry in anything that needs to be washed. During the sports seasons, we have a different bag for each activity  and it keeps everything all together. I love the 31 zip top bag, they are easy to clean and sturdy!

extra clothes bag

 Some of the bags are: 

soccer- filled with cleats, shin guards, water bottles, uniforms, socks, mouth guards.
dance- dance shoes, leotard and tights.
beach bag- bucket-shovels, blankets, life jackets, boogie boards. The nice part about this is all of the bags are housed in the closet and they are literally grab and go. 

The stroller is just placed in the back in front of the pockets. It is just a simple umbrella stroller, as Bean doesn't need much more than that. 

Extra blankets/pillows, books, toys  and their own personal umbrellas are all housed in the children's back seat pockets. 

My car is organized in the front as well. I have a dual console that has two compartments, the top compartment holds my phone cord and extra USB charging ports, my extra battery charger (we only use reusable batteries), a roll of quarters (you never know), a ring of my extra shopper rewards cards, I keep every one from all of the different stores, even regional ones, they are great for traveling and do not take up any extra room,  but save me money!

cords and tags of shopper rewards cards (I have one that stays on my purse as well)

The bottom compartment, holds a box of tissue, the charger and extra batteries, an extra phone case and some cd's. 

tissues, batteries and cd's

All of the items that I have in the car were purchased to have on hand at the house. The only two items I purchased for this particular project were the canvas shoes rack and the black cloth bin from Target. Total cost of the project: $9.65! If you would need to purchase everything that I keep in the pockets, the cost would start around $100. 

I am adding two more sections to our organization, one is for our blessing bags that we pass out and the other one is for our puppy (we will have him next month). 

How do you keep your car organized? 

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